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Retirement Article

Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

As Bruce Godke continues his worldwide cruise following his retirement as a Modern Wealth advisor, he's thought more and more about what he wants his lifestyle to look like moving forward. One thing he know he wants to do is help others determine their purpose in retirement, and he'll be doing exactly that while leading our Your Encore program. Retirement looks different for everyone, but one popular activity for many retirees is volunteering. So, Bruce thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of the benefits of volunteering in retirement as he begins to wrap up his trip. 

Investments Article

529 Plans and Planning for Your Grandchildren’s Futures

Special moments always happen in a flash—especially the times you treasure with your grandchildren. One minute, they’re starting to take their first steps. Then, suddenly, they’re taking much bigger steps across a stage for high school and even college graduations. One way you can support your grandchildren as they’re growing up is to lay the foundation of their futures by setting up 529 plans. Let’s investigate some of the nuances of 529 plans, including their tax benefits. 

Investments Article

4 Retirement Risks That Are Out of Your Control

Your investments are something that you have control over. However, there are also retirement risks that are out of your control. Your investments coincide with market volatility, which is one of those uncontrollable retirement risks. Market volatility, inflation, interest rates, and tax rates are four retirement risks that are out of your control, but that you can and should plan for.

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

Retiring Single with $1.5 Million Saved: How Much Can You Spend with Will Doty, CFP®, AIF®

Episode 111 | Will Doty, CFP®, AIF® | Modern Wealth Management Executive Advisor
Many of the case studies we’ve reviewed in our podcasts, articles, and other content have focused on couples retirement planning. Today, Will Doty, CFP®, AIF® and Dean Barber are going to dive into a case study that geared toward all the single folks out there. Everyone’s situation is unique when it comes to retirement planning, whether you’re retiring single or married. Maybe you’ve been single for most or all your life. Or maybe you were married and are now single following a divorce or death of a spouse. No matter your situation, you need to have a plan for retirement. In this article and podcast, we’re going to run through a case study of someone retiring single with $1.5 million in retirement savings. Let’s review some things they’ll need to think about.

Investments Podcast

How Does a 401(k) Work with Michelle Cannan, CPFA™, QKA®, QKC

Episode 110 | Michelle Cannan | Modern Wealth Management Managing Director and Head of Company Retirement Plan Services
As Modern Wealth Management continues to grow, one of the additions we’re very excited about is our office in Rochester, New York. Our Rochester-based team members specialize in 401(k) plans, which are typically people’s largest asset as they head into retirement. So, we figured it would be good idea to have Michelle Cannan, CPFA™, QKA®, QKC, our head of company retirement plan services and managing director of our Rochester office, join Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss how a 401(k) plan works and many other nuances about 401(k)s.




Year-End Tax Planning for 2023

Managing Directors Dean Barber and Marty James, CPA discuss some key things to keep in mind while doing year-end tax planning for 2023.


Pursuing Passions in Your Financial Plan

Commemorative Air Force Heart of America Wing Leader Steve Zimmerman shares how his financial plan has given him the confidence to further pursue his passion for flying and much more on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series with Wayne Robinson, CRPC®, AIF®.


Q3 2023 Quarterly Market Update

Dean Barber, Ken Osiwala, and Bud Kasper give their main takeaways from Q3 2023 and their expectations for Q4 in our Quarterly Market Update.