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Retirement Article

Monthly Expenses for Everyone’s Budget

Let's review monthly expenses to include in your budget, how to categorize those items, and other financial planning considerations.

Taxes Article

5 Tax Planning Examples

We frequently talk about tax planning at Modern Wealth Management. Why? Because we believe it can have a significant impact on your financial future. With that, we’re going to dive into some simple examples to show you the power of tax planning.

Retirement Article

5 Signs You’re Saving Too Much for Retirement

Could you be saving too much for retirement? Let's review five signs that could indicate whether that's the case for you.

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Retirement with Chris Rett, CFP®, AIF®

Episode 114 | Chris Rett, CFP®, AIF® | Modern Wealth Management Senior Advisor
It’s our Season 10 finale of The Guided Retirement Show, which means it’s time for Chris Rett, CFP®, AIF® to join Dean Barber as the featured guest. Chris and Dean are going to review 10 questions that everyone should ask themselves before retirement. If you’re planning to retire around three to five years from now, make sure to take some notes and to ask yourself these questions before retirement. Let’s review the questions and then we’ll explain why everyone should think about them before retirement.

Estate Planning Podcast

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid with Tim Denker

Episode 113 | Tim Denker | Denker Law Firm, LLC
Dean Barber could talk for hours about estate planning mistakes to avoid. On Episode 113 of The Guided Retirement Show, Dean decided to cover some of the most common estate planning mistakes that he and Tim Denker of Denker Law Firm, LLC have witnessed. Tim founded Denker Law Firm, LLC in 2006 and has practiced estate planning and business law since 2003.1 Dean and Tim want you to be informed when it comes to estate planning and are going to nine mistakes to avoid.




Year-End Tax Planning for 2023

Managing Directors Dean Barber and Marty James, CPA discuss some key things to keep in mind while doing year-end tax planning for 2023.


Pursuing Passions in Your Financial Plan

Commemorative Air Force Heart of America Wing Leader Steve Zimmerman shares how his financial plan has given him the confidence to further pursue his passion for flying and much more on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series with Wayne Robinson, CRPC®, AIF®.


Q3 2023 Quarterly Market Update

Dean Barber, Ken Osiwala, and Bud Kasper give their main takeaways from Q3 2023 and their expectations for Q4 in our Quarterly Market Update.