Investments Article

What Should I Invest My Money In?

What should I invest my money in? It's a natural question to ask. Some would say it's a reasonable question to ask. For decades hucksters and prognosticators alike have convinced us that it's a question that can be answered easily.

Investments Article

Target Date Funds: What You Need to Know

Target date funds have become a very popular investment vehicle that are structured to automatically adjust their asset allocation over time depending on an investor's target retirement date. LSA Portfolio Analytics President and CFO Brad Kasper helps us break down the pros and cons of target date funds, and key considerations about target date funds to keep in mind.

Investments Article

Active Versus Passive Management

The active versus passive management debate has been with us for a long time, going back almost to the issuance of the first ETF in the U.S. in 1993. When they were first issued, ETFs were used almost exclusively by institutional investors to execute sophisticated trading strategies. However, it wasn’t long until financial advisors, and individual investors took to them as well.

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Growth vs Value Investing in 2024 with Brad Kasper

Episode 103 | Brad Kasper | LSA Portfolio Analytics Founder and President
Back for his eighth appearance on The Guided Retirement Show, LSA Portfolio Analytics President and Founder Brad Kasper joins Dean Barber to discuss growth vs value investing in 2024. Brad shares that growth could potentially outperform value as we look at investing for the rest of the year. Why might he think that? Brad has plenty of data to share with Dean to back up his reasoning.

Investments Podcast

Strategic Investing Through Retirement with Stephen Tuckwood, CFA

Episode 102 | Stephen Tuckwood, CFA | Modern Wealth Management Director of Investments
Our Director of Investments, Stephen Tuckwood, CFA, has quickly become one of the most frequently featured guests on The Guided Retirement Show. For the Season 10 premiere, Tuck and Dean Barber will discuss the critical topic of constructing the right portfolio via strategic investing as you transition into and go through retirement. They’ll discuss the nuances of proper portfolio construction and the changing dynamics of investment rules during the retirement phase. 




Q3 2023 Quarterly Market Update

Dean Barber, Ken Osiwala, and Bud Kasper give their main takeaways from Q3 2023 and their expectations for Q4 in our Quarterly Market Update.


What to Do with Your 401(k) After Retirement

Chris Rett discusses what to do with your 401(k) after retirement—leave it in your previous employer plan or roll it over to an IRA?


Q2 2023 Quarterly Market Update

Back in April, Dean Barber and Bud Kasper did something new on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series when they gave their Q1 2023 Quarterly Market Update. Now that Q2 2023 is behind us, it’s time for them to give their Q2 2023 quarterly market update.