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Bond Yields Keep Rising

Our Director of Investments Stephen Tuckwood, CFA is stepping in for Dean Barber for our September Monthly Economic Update. See what Tuck has to share about the relentless rising bond yields, key takeaways from the yield curve, a spike in energy prices, and the pullback in the equity market.

Investments Article

Retirement Rules of Thumb: Let’s Bust Them

Do you have some retirement rules of thumb that you follow? Some of them might be helpful with getting you in the right mindset to save for retirement, but there are issues with every one of them. Why? Because your financial plan needs to be built based upon your unique situation.

Investments Article

How Does a Roth IRA Grow?

How does a Roth IRA grow? Dean Barber and Bud Kasper explain that while sharing how the Roth IRA can play a huge role in saving for retirement.

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Monetary Policy Tools: The Fed’s Latest Actions with Brad Kasper

Episode 93 | Brad Kasper | LSA Portfolio Analytics President and Founder
LSA Portfolio Analytics President and Founder Brad Kasper makes his seventh appearance on The Guided Retirement Show, as he joins Dean Barber to discuss some of the latest news with the economy, markets, interest rates, and the Fed’s monetary policy tools.

Investments Podcast

Tax-Efficient Investing with Stephen Tuckwood

Episode 92 | Stephen Tuckwood | Director of Investments
Modern Wealth Management Director of Investments Stephen "Tuck" Tuckwood joins Dean Barber again on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss direct indexing and the importance of tax-efficient investing.




What to Do with Your 401(k) After Retirement

Chris Rett discusses what to do with your 401(k) after retirement—leave it in your previous employer plan or roll it over to an IRA?


Q2 2023 Quarterly Market Update

Back in April, Dean Barber and Bud Kasper did something new on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series when they gave their Q1 2023 Quarterly Market Update. Now that Q2 2023 is behind us, it’s time for them to give their Q2 2023 quarterly market update.


Why Compound Interest Is Key

Chris Rett, CFP® discusses compound interest, the difference between compounding interest and simple interest, the value of compounding interest for retirement, the Rule of 72, and how to use compound interest for your retirement on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.