Taxes Article

Tax Planning Case Study

There are two married couples—Sam and Samantha and Paul and Polly—in this tax planning case study. One has a tax plan and one doesn’t. Let's see the difference in their tax bills.

Taxes Article

2024 Tax Brackets: IRS Makes Inflation Adjustments

The IRS announced several inflation adjustments for the 2024 tax year. We examine the 2024 tax brackets, standard deduction, and much more.

Estate Planning Article

7 Wealth Protection Tactics

Dean Barber and Logan DeGraeve share 7 wealth protection tactics that can be helpful with planning for how to get to and through retirement.

The Guided Retirement Show

Taxes Podcast

Tax Advantages of HSAs with Marty James, CPA

Episode 98 | Marty James, CPA | Modern Wealth Management Managing Director
Marty James, CPA and Dean Barber discuss the tax advantages of HSAs and how they're one of the most underutilized and misused parts of the tax code.

Retirement Podcast

The CFP® Professional and CPA Relationship with Logan DeGraeve, CFP® and Corey Hulstein, CPA

Episode 96 | Logan DeGraeve, CFP® and Corey Hulstein, CPA | Modern Wealth Management Executive Advisor and Modern Wealth Management Director of Tax
Logan DeGraeve, CFP® and Corey Hulstein, CPA describe the working relationship between a CFP® Professional and CPA.




Year-End Tax Planning for 2023

Managing Directors Dean Barber and Marty James, CPA discuss some key things to keep in mind while doing year-end tax planning for 2023.


The Lifetime Learning Credit vs. the American Opportunity Tax Credit

Given the complexity of the tax code and how often it changes, the education never stops for our Director of Tax Corey Hulstein, CPA. He continuously studies the tax code to help our clients and prospective clients make informed decisions when it comes to tax planning. Today, Corey is going to educate us about tax credits for qualified tuition and related costs for eligible students on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series. Let’s learn about the Lifetime Learning Credit and how it compares and contrasts to the American Opportunity Tax Credit.


Roth Conversion Decisions for 2023

Matt Kasper reviews Roth conversion decisions for 2023 in a case study on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.