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Taxes on Roth IRAs

To make sense of taxes on Roth IRAs, it's important to understand the ordering rules on Roth IRA distributions. Roth IRA distributions can consist of contributions, converted funds and earnings – or any combination of the three.

Taxes Article

5 Reasons NOT to Convert to a Roth IRA

We’ve published a lot of content that highlights how Roth conversions can be a helpful tax planning strategy for someone who is preparing for or going through retirement. However, Roth conversions aren’t for everyone. Here are five reasons not to convert to a Roth IRA.

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529 Plans and Planning for Your Grandchildren’s Futures

Special moments always happen in a flash—especially the times you treasure with your grandchildren. One minute, they’re starting to take their first steps. Then, suddenly, they’re taking much bigger steps across a stage for high school and even college graduations. One way you can support your grandchildren as they’re growing up is to lay the foundation of their futures by setting up 529 plans. Let’s investigate some of the nuances of 529 plans, including their tax benefits. 

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Tax Planning Tips with Corey Hulstein, CPA and Marty James, CPA, PFS

Episode 112 | Modern Wealth Management Director of Tax Corey Hulstein, CPA and Modern Wealth Management Managing Director Marty James, CPA, PFS
How can you pay less taxes over your lifetime? That’s a question everyone wants to know the answer to, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Everyone’s financial situation is different. Along with explaining the importance of having a forward-looking tax plan as a part of your personalized financial plan, Corey Hulstein, CPA and Marty James, CPS, PFS joined Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to share some tax planning tips.

Investments Podcast

How Does a 401(k) Work with Michelle Cannan, CPFA™, QKA®, QKC

Episode 110 | Michelle Cannan | Modern Wealth Management Managing Director and Head of Company Retirement Plan Services
As Modern Wealth Management continues to grow, one of the additions we’re very excited about is our office in Rochester, New York. Our Rochester-based team members specialize in 401(k) plans, which are typically people’s largest asset as they head into retirement. So, we figured it would be good idea to have Michelle Cannan, CPFA™, QKA®, QKC, our head of company retirement plan services and managing director of our Rochester office, join Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss how a 401(k) plan works and many other nuances about 401(k)s.




Year-End Tax Planning for 2023

Managing Directors Dean Barber and Marty James, CPA discuss some key things to keep in mind while doing year-end tax planning for 2023.


The Lifetime Learning Credit vs. the American Opportunity Tax Credit

Given the complexity of the tax code and how often it changes, the education never stops for our Director of Tax Corey Hulstein, CPA. He continuously studies the tax code to help our clients and prospective clients make informed decisions when it comes to tax planning. Today, Corey is going to educate us about tax credits for qualified tuition and related costs for eligible students on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series. Let’s learn about the Lifetime Learning Credit and how it compares and contrasts to the American Opportunity Tax Credit.


Roth Conversion Decisions for 2023

Matt Kasper reviews Roth conversion decisions for 2023 in a case study on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.