Taxes Article

How Do I Pay Less Taxes?

Everyone in America who pays taxes feels like they have paid their fair share, and in some cases, far more than their fair share. This causes people to be very shortsighted when it comes to reducing your tax bill.

Estate Planning Article

6 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires and Their Expectations

Were you a big fan of the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, with the late Regis Philbin? Of course, everyone wants to be a millionaire, but unless you were a rare winner of the popular game show, becoming a millionaire isn’t as easy as answering 15 trivia questions. Let’s review some habits of self-made millionaires and how their expectations compare to aspiring millionaires.

Taxes Article

7 Benefits of a Roth IRA

As self-proclaimed Rothaholics, Bud Kasper, CFP®, AIF® and Dean Barber could talk to you for hours about benefits of a Roth IRA. Bud and Dean strongly believe that the Roth IRA is one of the best things ever written within the tax code, so they compiled a list of seven primary benefits of Roth IRAs to back up their reasoning. Who knows? Maybe after learning about these benefits of a Roth IRA, you’ll become a Rothaholic too.

The Guided Retirement Show

Insurance Podcast

Affordable Care Act Subsidies – How to Qualify for Them with Marty James, CPA, PFS

Episode 104 | Marty James, CPA, PFS | Modern Wealth Management Managing Director
Making his third appearance on The Guided Retirement Show, Marty James, CPA, PFS joins Dean Barber to discuss how to qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies. Qualifying for the Affordable Care Act subsidies can greatly reduce the cost of health insurance prior to becoming eligible for Medicare. Who doesn’t want that?! Marty and Dean are both excited to touch on this topic, so let’s see what they have to share.

Investments Podcast

Strategic Investing Through Retirement with Stephen Tuckwood, CFA

Episode 102 | Stephen Tuckwood, CFA | Modern Wealth Management Director of Investments
Our Director of Investments, Stephen Tuckwood, CFA, has quickly become one of the most frequently featured guests on The Guided Retirement Show. For the Season 10 premiere, Tuck and Dean Barber will discuss the critical topic of constructing the right portfolio via strategic investing as you transition into and go through retirement. They’ll discuss the nuances of proper portfolio construction and the changing dynamics of investment rules during the retirement phase. 




Year-End Tax Planning for 2023

Managing Directors Dean Barber and Marty James, CPA discuss some key things to keep in mind while doing year-end tax planning for 2023.


The Lifetime Learning Credit vs. the American Opportunity Tax Credit

Given the complexity of the tax code and how often it changes, the education never stops for our Director of Tax Corey Hulstein, CPA. He continuously studies the tax code to help our clients and prospective clients make informed decisions when it comes to tax planning. Today, Corey is going to educate us about tax credits for qualified tuition and related costs for eligible students on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series. Let’s learn about the Lifetime Learning Credit and how it compares and contrasts to the American Opportunity Tax Credit.


Roth Conversion Decisions for 2023

Matt Kasper reviews Roth conversion decisions for 2023 in a case study on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.