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Estate Planning Guide

One of the most important things you can do for them is to ensure that when you pass away, your estate is protected.


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How to Build Generational Wealth

Did you know that we're in the midst of The Great Wealth Transfer? Let's talk about the importance of how to build generational wealth.

Estate Planning Article

Rules for Inherited IRA Distributions – What Are the Latest Changes?

IRS Notice 2023-54 provides relief for 2023 missed RMDs for non-eligible designated beneficiaries who must follow the 10-year payout rule. And for those who took or who were given unnecessary IRA distributions in 2023, the notice extends a 60-day rollover deadline to roll them back into their accounts.

Estate Planning Article

What is Probate and Why Should I Avoid It?

What is probate? If you want peace of mind with knowing that your loved ones are in good hands after you pass on, probate is something that you’ll want to avoid. Probate is the process of collecting your assets, paying your debts and taxes, and transferring your property, at your death, to your heirs. We’re going to start breaking down what probate is for two demographics—decedents with a will and decedents without a will. 

The Guided Retirement Show

Estate Planning Podcast

Family Financial Planning with Matt Kasper

Episode 81 | Matt Kasper | Modern Wealth Management CFP® Professional
Leaving a legacy is very important to a lot of people. Dean Barber and Matt Kasper discuss how to go about family financial planning.

Estate Planning Podcast

Planning for RMDs with Will Doty

Episode 74 | Will Doty | CFP® Professional
Will Doty and Dean Barber explain RMDs, tax planning opportunities surrounding RMDs, how RMDs factor in when leaving money behind for the next generation, and so much more.




Rules on Gifting Money to Family

How do wealth transfer and gifting affect your taxes? What are some strategies that you can use to transfer wealth to the next generation as tax efficiently as possible? Director of Tax Corey Hulstein answers those questions and review rules on gifting money to family on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.


What Is Tax Diversification?

Tax Diversification may not sound like a very exciting topic, but if done correctly over your lifetime, you can pay substantially less in taxes. Our Director of Tax, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber on the Barber Educational Series to explain what tax diversification is and why it’s so important to achieve a successful retirement.


Dr. Alan Molk Presents “Saving Lives, Saving Dignity”

In this webinar, Dr. Alan Molk tells the story of why he wrote his book, Saving Lives, Saving Dignity. He presents his background as an emergency room physician of 40 years, and why he believes having advanced health care directives is imperative for you and your family.