4 Retirement Risks Out of Your Control

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4 Retirement Risks Out of Your Control

Do you think you can just live on Social Security income? Do you think you’ll have more than enough to retire if you just save to your 401(k) match? Or maybe you’ve wondered if Medicare will cover all your health care costs. On this episode of America’s Wealth Management Show, Logan DeGraeve, CFP®, AIF® and Chris Rett, CFP®, AIF® are going to explain why those viewpoints are retirement planning myths.

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How much money are you going to take from what accounts, and when are you going to take it in retirement? Logan DeGraeve, CFP®, AIF® and Chris Rett, CFP®, AIF® want to make sure that you have a retirement distribution strategy that has you withdrawing money from your accounts in the most efficient way possible, so they shared 6 retirement withdrawal mistakes to avoid on today’s show.

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