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Using our Guided Retirement System™, we examine the following to create a retirement plan that is specific to your family’s needs and goals.

Below are the steps we take to build an individualized retirement plan, coordinated by a team of professionals, to achieve your goals for retirement.


Our retirement plans begin by developing a budget for your financial needs in retirement. We review the following during the retirement planning process:

Regular expenses: Mortgage, food, gas, vehicle payments, etc.

Health care costs: Analyze and inflate health care costs separately from other costs.

Occasional expenses: Vacations, new cars, college expenses, holidays, charitable giving, new roofs, new A/C units, etc.

Legacy: What am I leaving behind by not spending?


Next, we review your income sources.

Fixed income: Social Security, pensions, rental income, royalties.

All other assets: 401(k)s, IRAs, brokerage accounts.

Taxation: We then review your investments and income on a tax basis.

Future inheritances


Maximizing your Social Security benefits is the next component of our retirement planning process. Social Security is also analyzed from a taxation perspective.

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Your CFP® professional then sends the plan to be reviewed by our team of CPAs for tax opportunities and savings. We also have our estate planning attorney review your retirement plan from a legacy standpoint for additional tax opportunities.

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We then develop an investment allocation to provide the needed income stream to achieve your goals for retirement with the least possible amount of risk.

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Meet with an estate planning attorney to create your integrated estate plan and review beneficiaries, trusts, wills, etc.

Meet with an insurance specialist to address your risk management needs like property and casualty, Medicare, and more.


Meet with your CFP® professional twice a year to address your overall plan, tax planning, estate planning, and insurance.

Our team’s most powerful asset is our diversity of skills and expertise.

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Our advisors are committed to helping you overcome any obstacles related to retirement planning, investments, taxes, Social Security, estate planning, and insurance for a stress-free approach to retirement.

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Our Retirement Plan Checklist includes 30 items to gauge your retirement readiness. Determine what to address by assessing every aspect of your retirement plan, including: 

  • Investments 
  • Taxes 
  • Risk Management 
  • Social Security 
  • Estate Planning 

Also included is an age-based timeline of events. Prioritize your retirement planning based on key decisions to make at these ages:

  •  50, 55, 59.5, 60, 62, 65, 66 – 67, 70, & 72
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