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What Is Modern Wealth Management?

At Modern Wealth Management, our goal is to reimagine the delivery of financial advice. We are designed to anticipate the needs of Americans at every stage of life by providing a full suite of wealth management services. The Modern Wealth Management team is built with experts specializing in financial planning, tax planning and preparation, risk management, estate planning, and more.

Providing our clients with the confidence that they’re doing the right things with their money, the freedom from financial stress, and the time to spend doing the things they love is what we care about. Confidence, freedom, and time.

How We Work

Our Philosophies

You Are #1 | We get to know you and understand what is truly important in your life.

Objectivity | We are fiduciaries and only recommend what is in your best interest.

Commitment | We are committed to a lifelong personal relationship with you.

Action | We are here to help you take actionable steps for your personal goals and dreams.

What We Do

Personal Relationship for Life

Our financial planning process helps you navigate through all stages of life.

Growth Phase | We help you reach your goals and dreams.

Transition Phase | Our team is here to guide you through the transitions in life

Maturity Phase | We are committed to making your retirement years what you want them to be.

Preliminary Meeting

Let’s Talk About You

Your Situation | Where are you in the financial lifecycle?

Primary Goals | What are your top 3 financial goals?

Current Stressors | What are you worried about today?

Resources | What financial resources do you currently possess?

Once introduced to the process, we can begin building a relationship and your plan.




Our financial planning process has three unique steps.

Step One:
Discovery Meeting

Stay on track by following our proven process.

Through a simple yet illuminating process, you and your advisor will discover what truly matters to you and those you care about. Together, we will uncover the deeper motivations, priorities, and goals that influence your decisions about money.

We gather five points of data that we want discuss further: Spending, Savings, Timing, Legacy, and Risk.

Step Two:
Delivery Meeting


Our Integrated Financial Planning Team reviewed all data from your Discovery Meeting.

During this meeting, you will see what opportunities and obstacles are present in your plan. This will be your opportunity to fine-tune your plan and to make sure nothing has been missed.

Next, we outline our recommendations for your unique situation. Once we determine which areas need attention, we’ll hold as many meetings as necessary to address each pillar of your plan.

Step Three:
Implementation Meeting

Once we have begun the implementation process, your advisor team will take you through our client portal, where you can track the progress of your plan. In the portal, you can link outside assets and liabilities and store important documents in a secure location.

Review Meetings

During the life of our relationship, we will hold regularly scheduled reviews to make sure your plan stays on track. Our Integrated Financial Planning Team will review all aspects of your plan throughout the year to assure seamless integration of all aspects of your financial life.

Biannual Investment Review

  • Risk assessment​
  • Performance review​
  • Held-away account maintenance ​
  • 401(k) rebalancing​
  • Ongoing portfolio management​
  • Bear Market “What-If?” analysis​
  • Quarterly Risk Tolerance “Check-Ins”​
  • Monthly Economic Insights from Dean​

Annual Tax Planning
Review Meeting

Annual Tax Planning-Review Meeting

  • A comprehensive review of prior tax year return
  • Withholding Adjustments
  • Optimizing Retirement Savings
  • Capital Gain/Loss Management
  • Roth Conversions
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions and Gifting Strategies
  • Deduction Planning

Biennial Estate
Planning Meeting

Biennial Estate Planning Meeting

  • Thorough Beneficiary Review​
  • Investment accounts, life insurance policies, titled assets, bank accounts, etc.​
  • Will and/or Trust Review​
  • Legal changes since last updates​
  • Proactive “What-If?” scenario analysis​
  • Distribution analysis​
  • Power of Attorney Review​
  • Update/change required for individuals named as agents​

Biennial Insurance

Biennial Insurance Review​​

  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis​
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Needs Analysis​
  • Examine potential future costs and run a “What-If?” analysis​
  • Pension Maximization​
  • Property and Casualty Coverage Review​
  • Is property coverage adequate?​
  • Shop marketplace for savings on appropriate coverage.​
  • Liability Insurance Needs Analysis​

Our Process

Integrated Financial Planning

Our team’s most powerful asset is our diversity of skills and expertise.

Everything revolves around you!

Investment Philosophy

We understand what your money needs for you to achieve your goals. We will not take any more risk than is necessary for you to accomplish your goals.




Getting Started

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