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Protecting your assets is essential and proper insurance coverage is imperative. However, there is a point where people can have too much insurance and be over-insured. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can also cause more damage than protection.

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At Modern Wealth Management, our integrated wealth management services are working together for you.

Typically, one would hire 5 different companies: 1. Financial Planner 2. Accountant 3. Insurance Agent 4. Estate Attorney 5. Social Security Consultant.

At Modern Wealth, you can replace five relationships with one. Our integrated team of professionals saves you time, energy, and hassle by working together to meet your most significant and most important financial challenges — no need to manage 5 different relationships. We’ve got you covered.

Why We’re Unique

Driven by your complete financial plan.

There are several places to get advice on risk management, so why are we unique compared to other insurance agencies? Modern Wealth Management insurance recommendations are made in the context of your complete financial plan. Our insurance professionals are trained in the complexities of risk management and legacy planning, and these policies are coordinated with both your financial advisor and a qualified insurance professional to help you reach your financial goals.

Frequently asked questions.

When do I file for Medicare?

You are required to file for Medicare at the age of 65.

Do I need long-term care insurance?

Statistics will tell you that approximately 50% of retirees will spend some amount of time in a long-term care facility or will need some sort of in-home healthcare. However, we advise to not let this be the reason for buying long-term care insurance. To determine whether long-term care insurance is needed you must first complete a comprehensive retirement analysis.

How do I buy health insurance?

There are many ways in which you can buy health insurance with the most common being the open enrollment period of your employer’s plan. After retirement, however, our options change. The days of your employer covering you (and your spouse) at a reduced rate is most likely not going to be an option. One thing to consider is that if you retire early (before the age of 65), you will not be eligible for Medicare and you will need to explore purchasing individual health care coverage. Remember, it is important to not to let your coverage lapse because if you have an accident or become ill, your only option to cover this expense may be to drain your retirement accounts that you’ve worked so hard to save.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

A Medicare Supplement policy (Medigap), can be purchased through private companies. They are intended to assist you with health care costs and other things that regular Medicare doesn’t cover. Some examples of things Medigap might cover would be copayments, deductibles, or medical care when traveling, but it’s also important to remember they don’t cover everything. For more information, visit www.medicare.gov.