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Inherited IRA Rules and the SECURE Act

The rules of inherited IRAs are extremely difficult to understand due to the SECURE Act, yet they must be understood. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper review the inherited IRA rules and explain how they can affect different beneficiaries.


Insurance Article

Health Care Costs During Retirement

If you're gearing up for retirement, you may be wondering how your health care costs during retirement are going to look. Let's dive into it.

Estate Planning Article

Top 5 Financial Planning Considerations

Dean Barber and Bud Kasper review their top five financial planning considerations on America's Wealth Management Show.

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5 Long-Term Care Questions to Ask

As you age, calculating the chances that you’ll need long-term care—and the associated costs—is incredibly important.

The Guided Retirement Show

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Affordable Care Act Subsidies – How to Qualify for Them with Marty James, CPA, PFS

Episode 104 | Marty James, CPA, PFS | Modern Wealth Management Managing Director
Making his third appearance on The Guided Retirement Show, Marty James, CPA, PFS joins Dean Barber to discuss how to qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies. Qualifying for the Affordable Care Act subsidies can greatly reduce the cost of health insurance prior to becoming eligible for Medicare. Who doesn’t want that?! Marty and Dean are both excited to touch on this topic, so let’s see what they have to share.

Insurance Podcast

Medicare Changes in 2023 with Taylor Garner

Episode 79 | Taylor Garner | Owner | Garner Insurance Agency, LLC
Garner Insurance Agency, LLC Owner Taylor Garner joins Dean Barber again on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss Medicare changes in 2023.



Rising Long-Term Care Costs

Matt Kasper and Logan DeGraeve tackle the crucial topic of rising long-term care costs on the Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.


ABCs of Medicare

Tom Allen, Insurance Consultant & Medicare Expert, breaks down the many letters of Medicare in this webinar. The intention of the ABCs of Medicare is to help people understand what Medicare Parts A & B cover, and more importantly, what they don't cover and what you need to do about it. You'll learn how the Medicare Open Enrollment Period actually works, how to find out what prescription drugs are covered under certain plans, what Parts C & D cover, and more.


Are You Fully Covered?

In this webinar, Darren Newell, Insurance Advisor, breaks down the intricacies of property and casualty insurance to address the question, "Are you fully covered?" The intention of the Are You Fully Covered? is to help people understand property and casualty insurance. What you need, and, just as important, what you don't need in coverage.