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2023 Social Security Benefits to Increase

Starting in 2023, 70 million Social Security recipients will see an 8.7% bump in their benefits with the new cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). For reference, last year beneficiaries saw a 5.9% increase, and in 2021 there was a 1.3% increase.

The increase comes as most Americans battle increased prices caused by rampant inflation throughout 2022. The goal is to give seniors more peace of mind as costs increase.


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Roth Conversion Rules

There's much more than meets the eye when deciding to contribute to Roth or traditional. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper review the Roth conversion rules on America's Wealth Management Show.

Retirement Article

Retirement Withdrawal Strategy: You Need a Plan

There are many factors when considering when and from which accounts to make withdrawals from in retirement, such as sequence of return risk, Required Minimum Distributions, and tax implications. Navigating the dynamics of retirement planning is what Dean Barber, Logan DeGraeve, and the rest of our team do every day. Dean and Logan will elaborate on that and explain why having a retirement withdrawal strategy when you’re in or approaching retirement is critical on America’s Wealth Management Show.

Retirement Article

Things Retirees Should Stop Doing

We try to share as much education with you as possible on things you should do to prepare for and do in retirement so that you can live your one best financial life. But there are things that you need to avoid doing in retirement as well. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper review a few things that retirees should stop doing on the latest episode of America’s Wealth Management Show.

The Guided Retirement Show

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Roth Conversions Before and After Retirement with Will Doty

Episode 84 | Will Doty | CFP® Professional
Will Doty and Dean Barber discuss their favorite part of the tax code: Roth IRAs—specifically, Roth conversions before and after retirement.

Retirement Podcast

Tax Planning During Tax Preparation Season with Corey Hulstein

Episode 80 | Corey Hulstein | Modern Wealth Management Director of Tax
Our Director of Tax, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss tax planning during tax preparation season.




What Is Tax Diversification?

Tax Diversification may not sound like a very exciting topic, but if done correctly over your lifetime, you can pay substantially less in taxes. Our Director of Tax, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber on the Barber Educational Series to explain what tax diversification is and why it’s so important to achieve a successful retirement.


Retiring During a Recession

Uncertainty has been the theme of 2022. We’ve experienced some jaw-dropping market volatility and inflation, and after back-to-back quarters of negative GDP growth, we’re technically in a recession. All this uncertainty has only enhanced our firm’s commitment to help people continuing living their one best financial life. In this Modern Wealth Management Educational Series event, Drew Jones joins Dean Barber to discuss what it’s like to retire during a recession.


Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Will Doty joins Dean Barber to talk about Social Security claiming strategies and why maximizing your Social Security benefit is a critical part of your overall financial plan.