Barber Financial Group & Osiwala Financial Group Are Now Modern Wealth Management

By Modern Wealth Management

April 25, 2023

Barber Financial Group & Osiwala Financial Group Are Now Modern Wealth Management

Key Points – Barber Financial Group & Osiwala Financial Group Are Now Modern Wealth Management

  • What Is Modern Wealth Management?
  • Who Is Modern Wealth Management?
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Barber Financial Group & Osiwala Financial Group Are Now Modern Wealth Management

That’s right, we’re now Modern Wealth Management. Welcome to the next chapter of our story!

What Is Modern Wealth Management?

So, what is Modern Wealth Management? At Modern Wealth Management, our goal is to deliver financial advice. We are designed to anticipate the needs of Americans at every stage of life by providing a full suite of wealth management services. The Modern Wealth Management team is built with experts specializing in financial planning, investment management, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, risk management, and more.

Modern Wealth Management provides clients with Confidence, Freedom, and Time. Confidence that you’re doing the right things with your money. Freedom from financial stress. Time to spend with the people you love and to pursue your passions.

Who Is Modern Wealth Management?

We’re the same happy faces you see when you visit our offices in the Kansas City and Detroit areas, but we have added to our team as well! With our new chapter underway, we’ve been joined by industry veterans Gary Roth, Mike Capelle, and Jason Gordo. As the co-founders of Modern Wealth Management, they’re here to guide our team to the best experience possible for our clients.

Mike says it best, “Clients want clarity and control of their finances, and we plan to invest in the Modern Wealth Management platform to enhance the current Barber Financial client experience. Dean, Ken, Bud, and their teams have done a great job helping clients understand their finances and how they are progressing toward key goals. We will be adding additional client experience tools and to increase the benefit clients receive by engaging with Modern Wealth.”

The Exciting Next Chapter

Dean Barber, Managing Director of Modern Wealth Management, says, “We’re thrilled to join forces with Jason Gordo, Mike Capelle, and Gary Roth. I am excited by the possibilities that lie ahead for Modern Wealth. We look forward to augmenting our approach to provide our clients the best possible financial outcome.”

Ken Osiwala, AIF®, Managing Director, added, “As stewards to our clients’ financial lives, this transition signals our commitment to providing each individual with personalized and effective solutions designed to meet their expectations and exceed their goals. Modern Wealth’s future will focus on innovation to foster the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

Bud Kasper, CFP®, AIF®, Managing Director, added, “I’ve worked in the industry for four decades and was particularly compelled by Modern Wealth’s approach of combining financial planning, investment management and tax preparation. I believe this holistic approach is key to helping clients achieve optimal outcomes and to building a national firm.”

While we will adopt a new look over time, this change will not affect our team or the core services upon which our clients have come to rely.

Through our new partnership, we’ll enhance our ability to support our clients while maintaining the values, culture, philosophy, and service offerings that make us who we are today.

Looking Forward to Seeing You!

We hope to see you in our offices soon. If you have any questions about Modern Wealth Management, please reach out to us at [email protected] or by using the form below.

There will be more additions to our team that we look forward to announcing in the coming weeks. So, look out for more soon!

Starting a Conversation with a CFP® Professional

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