5 Fun Summer Activities to do with Your Family

By Chris Duderstadt

June 7, 2024

5 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Family

Key Points – 5 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Family

  • Staying Cool at the Pool
  • Turn up the Heat (on the Grill)
  • Take Your Family Out to the Ballgame
  • Keeping Those May Flowers Happy in the June Heat
  • Checking Out a Museum or Your Local Library
  • 4-Minute Read

Beating the Heat with Some Fun Summer Activities

June being in full swing typically means that the summer heat is already here or very close to it for much of the U.S. How are you going to beat the heat this summer? Summer also means that school is out (or will soon be out), so it’s time to think of some fun summer activities to do with your family.

1. Going to Your Local Pool or Waterpark

I got my pool pass to a local pool just before Memorial Day and have already gone to the pool a few times this summer. Along with relaxing and trying to stay cool, it’s been fun to see big smiles on all the kids’ faces. The pool is a great place for kids of all ages, whether they are learning to swim, love going off the diving board or down water slides, or playing games.

The water was actually kind of chilly the first day my local pool was open. But did that bother any of the kids? Not in the slightest. When it was time for adult swim, there was a man who asked some kids how the water was temperature wise. The kids said it felt great, so he jumped in. After shivering for a few seconds, he smiled, then the kids smiled, and I smiled. Whether it’s at the pool, waterpark, local beach, or maybe at the lake if you or someone in your family has a lake house, I hope you can have some memories like that with your family. It’s truly a fun summer activity for all ages.

2. Host a Barbecue or Cookout with Your Family and Friends

When it comes to my favorite food, there aren’t many things that beat great barbecue. As much as I love my hometown’s best barbecue joints, they aren’t exactly designed for your kids/grandkids to run around after they’re done eating. But if you have a spacious backyard, summertime is a great time to take the top of the grill and host a barbecue or cookout.

You can grill a bunch of burgers, hot dogs, or brats or maybe you want to treat your family to ribs, brisket, or pulled pork. Have your family and friends bring a side or dessert and have a grand old time. Hosting a barbecue or cookout is another fun summer activity that everyone can enjoy.

3. Family Fun at the Ballpark

Do you have children, nieces/nephews, or grandchildren that love playing baseball or softball? Whether they’re playing T-ball or on a summer league team following their high school team’s spring season, you’ll have a blast cheering them on.

And if they love playing baseball or softball, I’m sure they’d love to watch a game with you. I thoroughly enjoyed attending a couple of MLB games with my wife and in-laws the first weekend of June. A big part of that had to do with the fact that I love baseball and that my favorite team has had surprisingly strong start to the season. My wife and mother-in-law aren’t exactly the biggest baseball fans, but when they get a mini helmet filled with Dippin’ Dots, they’re on cloud nine too. Speaking of cloud shapes, I bet your kids/grandkids will be as happy as can be with some cotton candy too.

4. Gardening/Landscaping

This fun summer activity was also featured in our article about spring activities. Gardening/landscaping can become more challenging as the weather heats up. Rather than getting overheated, ask your children and/or grandchildren if they can help you.

As my wife and I were walking the dog last week, we noticed that an elderly lady had fallen in her backyard after tripping over her hose. First and foremost, we were very thankful she was OK aside from a scrape on her elbow. More than anything, she was disappointed in herself because she emphasized how she was trying to be careful while watering her flowers. We more than happy to help her up, water her flowers, and contact her nephew who lived nearby. If gardening/landscaping is important to you but you’re concerned about the heat or mobility issues, don’t be afraid to ask your family or neighbors for some help. They want you to remain healthy and happy.

5. Visiting a Local Museum or Library

Another fun summer activity I recently enjoyed was touring an exhibit about the history of Disney. Talk about a fun summer activity for all ages. Taking in the history of everyone’s favorite childhood Disney characters all in one place was so special.

Is there a museum that you live nearby that you enjoy visiting? If so, see if it has a new exhibit that you and your family would be interested in. Another highlight of the month for my family was my sister-in-law getting a new job at her local library. Whether you need a book to read by the pool or want a quiet place to read, visit your local library. Local libraries usually have summer reading programs that your children/grandchildren can get involved with as well.

Bonus: Planning a Large Family Vacation for Summer 2025

While we hope you enjoy a plethora of fun summer activities this summer, it’s not too early to start thinking about next summer. As part of our Modern Wealth Management Educational Series, Kade Messner, CFP®, AIF® is going to build a financial plan for a couple who has a couple of children and a few grandchildren. So many people want to travel in retirement and spend more time with family, so how do you go about planning a large family vacation? That’s exactly what Kade will review, so we hope you’ll tune in.

If taking large family vacations each year is something that you want to prioritize in retirement, let’s build your plan around that. As you’re thinking about fun summer activities to do with your family (in 2024, 2025, or beyond), start a conversation with our team to make sure that your financial plan reflects your current and future needs, wants, and wishes.

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