Mother’s Day Reflections

By Chris Duderstadt

May 8, 2023

Mother’s Day Reflections

Key Points – Mother’s Day Reflections

  • Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers and Grandmothers Out There!
  • Mother’s Day Reflections from Our Modern Wealth Management Mothers and Grandmothers
  • Our Mother’s Day Gift to You
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Happy Mother’s Day!

On behalf of the entire Modern Wealth Management team, I want to wish all mothers, grandmothers, and motherly figures a very happy Mother’s Day. No matter how much we thank you for everything we do, it isn’t enough. Before sharing some Mother’s Day reflections from a few of our mothers at Modern Wealth, I want to share one of my favorite speeches with you to help highlight how special mothers truly are.

Mothers Are the Real MVPs

As NBA star Kevin Durant was wrapping up his 2013-14 MVP speech, he made it very clear that his MVP award wouldn’t have been possible without the MVP of his life. The real MVP was his loving mother, Wanda Durant. Wanda constantly put the needs of Kevin and his older brother before herself as they were growing up. Kevin said that was something that he’ll always be thankful for.

“You made us believe. You kept us off the street, put clothes on our backs, and food on the table. When you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry and sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.” – Kevin Durant

Many people probably think Kevin has it made now as a two-time NBA champion, MVP award winner, 13-time All-Star, and a four-year $194 million contract. But long before that, he thought that he, his mom, and brother had made it when they got their first apartment, despite having no bed or furniture. The sacrifices Wanda made for her children and the help from his grandmother with raising him before his father re-entered his life haven’t been lost on Kevin.

Giving a Shoutout to the Special Women in Our Lives

So many of us have our own special stories about being raised by our mothers and grandmothers. And some of you are now experiencing the other side of it as mothers and grandmothers. To all of you wonderful mothers and grandmothers, we want to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all that you do! You are the real MVPs.

We’re also going to highlight three of the wonderful mothers on our Modern Wealth Management team. We couldn’t provide the same level of service to our clients without all their hard work and dedication.

But first, I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish a happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Hilary. Last year, I wrote a Father’s Day article and shared why she’s my MVP. I wrote that article shortly after my dad passed away and just before my grandfather (her dad) passed away. Even with the loss we’ve experienced over the past year or so, she’s stayed strong in her faith and is still someone I can lean on for support and advice like she has been for nearly 32 years now.

Mother's Day Reflections

Our Mother’s Day Gift to You as Part of Our Mother’s Day Reflections

My mom and I have been blessed with support from so many friends and family members as well over the past 13 months. One thing that I remember from the morning that my dad passed was that my mom’s best friend told her to remember to contact Social Security to report that my dad had died. When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to remember to do something like that. I’m thankful that my mom’s friend did that and hope that you realize that you have a special friend(s) to help you in those difficult situations as well. It’s our team at Modern Wealth Management.

Things like inherited IRAs are something that I had never had to deal with until just recently. So, it’s really hit home for me when Dean Barber, our CFP® Professionals, and other financial planning subject matter experts have discussed inherited IRAs, estate planning, and family financial planning on The Guided Retirement Show, America’s Wealth Management Show, and Modern Wealth Management Educational Series.

Trust me, I know these aren’t topics that are very fun to talk about during a Mother’s Day gathering. But nevertheless, they’re extremely important. That financial education is one of the best gifts that a mother, grandmother, or anyone in your family can receive. Whether it’s updating your beneficiaries, figuring out the rules of an inherited IRA, or other financial planning needs, our team is here to help you. This is our Mother’s Day gift to you.

We’re Thankful for the Wonderful Women on Our Team

Now, we want to recognize some of our co-MVPs and give them the chance to offer their Mother’s Day reflections. We can’t thank them enough for everything they bring to our organization every day.

Nanette Marx, Operations and Marketing Assistant

Mother's Day Reflections

Our first Mother’s Day reflections come from Nanette Marx. Nan is the mother of four (Dickie, 32; Katie, 30; Maggie, 26; and Allie, 24) and grandmother of six (Mikey, 5; Margie, 4; Mack, 3; Max, 17 months; Jovie, 15 months; and Lydia, three months).

“I’ve always enjoyed going to all my kids’ activities and performances. Now, I enjoy doing the same for my grandkids,” Nan said. “I also love giving the perfect presents and seeing their smiles. And of course, having everyone over to swim in the pool and spend time at ‘nannie and papa’s.’”

One of the most important things that Nan has learned from being a mother is to be patient. Nan has been committed to always being there for her kids, no matter what age they are.

“You think once they are grown and have families of their own that you are done,” Nan said. “It never ends. You will always worry about them and want the best for them.”

Nan’s Mother, Donna, Did It All

Nan had a wonderful example of a patient woman to look up to in her mother, Donna Bukovaz. During Donna’s 46-year career, she still found time to care for her seven children and flawlessly run the household four days a week while her husband worked as a traveling salesman.

“My mom could do it all,” Nan said. “She was the bread winner of the family.”

Nan encourages everyone to take the time to learn about the women in their life and the lessons they offer. One of the lessons that Nan has instilled in her children is the importance of saving for retirement.

“I make sure that they are making responsible choices by setting up retirement plans and wills,” Nan said. “I also have a 529 plan for our grandchildren.”

Peggy Kasper, Chief Operations Officer – Lee’s Summit Office

Mother's Day Reflections

Our next Mother’s Day reflections come from Peggy Kasper. Finance and family go hand in hand for Peggy, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. While her husband, Bud Kasper, serves as the managing director of Modern Wealth’s Lee’s Summit office, that’s only part of the family feel that Peggy loves about her job.

Her stepson, Matt Kasper, is an executive advisor at Modern Wealth and her other stepsons, Ryan and Brad, have also embarked on successful careers at LSA Portfolio Analytics. Peggy’s son, Jack, is carrying on the family’s passion for finance at the University of Arkansas and her daughter, Katie, is graduating high school in just a few days.

“My favorite thing about being a mom is watching them grow and become kind people and good citizens,” Peggy said.

A Mother-Daughter Bond Becomes Even Richer at Modern Wealth

Believe it or not, but we still haven’t finished covering Peggy’s family connections at Modern Wealth! Peggy would be remiss if she didn’t give a big shoutout to her mother, Jan Flattery-Kraft, who serves as a client service specialist.

“I am lucky to have my mom on my team at work three days a week!” Peggy said.

A couple of the most valuable lessons that Peggy has learned from Jan is that listening counts and to offer advice rather than dictating rules. The hugs that Peggy has received from Jan have served as the best medicine throughout her life in the best and most difficult times.

Hugs are also one of the highlights of Peggy being a grandmother to Reese, 15; Riston, 13; Sofia, 11; and Helen, 7. They’re all growing up faster than she can imagine and couldn’t be prouder of the hard-working mentality they’re already developing.

“I’ve explained to my children and grandchildren that money and security are not free,” Peggy said. “Work is a privilege and should be met with an eye toward being the best you can be.”

Peggy is thankful this Mother’s Day that she’s loved and cared for. It means the world to her that her family loves her for who she is.

Karen Sievert, Director of Operations

Mother's Day Reflections

Our final Mother’s Day reflections come from Karen Sievert. One of the greatest thrills of Karen’s life is being the mother to her 25-year-old daughter, Lauren. It has been extremely rewarding for Karen to see Lauren reach milestones throughout her childhood en route to now being a successful woman.

“One of life’s greatest and hardest challenges is being a mom. It made me learn to manage time and prepare for the unexpected. Pre-motherhood you can wing it, but not with kids,” Karen said. “With kids you need to learn to prioritize and identify what is really important. You can’t control everything, but you can prepare for what may be thrown your way. It is the hardest job, but it is also the best job.”

Karen is beyond proud of how Lauren has always been responsible. When Lauren was in high school, Karen added her as an authorized user on her credit cards so she could start to build credit.

“When she received cash gifts, I encouraged her to spend some of it but always to save a part of it,” Karen said. “To my surprise she would save more than spend. In her first full-time job, she participated in her work 401(k) and opened a Roth IRA. At 23, she was able to buy her first home all by herself.”

Cherishing Family Traditions with Cheryl and Lauren

While Lauren has become a successful and independent woman, she and Karen still have many of the same hobbies. The same applied for Karen and her mother, Cheryl, who was very involved in Karen’s school activities as she was growing up.

“She was my Brownie and Girl Scout leader. She was one of the few moms that was available and wanted to go on field trips with me and my classmates,” Karen said. “It meant a lot to me to have her involved. I followed in her footsteps and was very involved with Lauren’s school. I was Lauren’s Daisy and Brownie leader in elementary school and then junior high school cheer coach. There are many great memories I have with Lauren and the friends she made along the way.”

Karen shares that Mother’s Day is a day to honor all moms and celebrate motherhood. The whole Modern Wealth team couldn’t agree more with Karen that Mother’s Day is a day for all moms to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Thank You, Mothers, for Being Awesome!

We hope that Karen, Peggy, and Nan’s Mother’s Day reflections have reminded you how thankful we should be for the mother figures who have shaped our lives. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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