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Retirement Plan Checklist

Retirement Planning Is a Complex Process
Our Checklist Can Help

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Tax Reduction Strategies

Forward-Looking Tax Planning Is a Difference Maker
Learn How to Mitigate Taxes Over Your Lifetime

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Social Security Decisions Guide

When You Claim Social Security Matters
Let Us Help You Make the Right Decisions

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401(k) Survival Guide

Your 401(k) Is Likely Your Biggest Asset

How You Withdrawal Those Funds Can Make or Break Your Retirement

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Retiring with $1 Million

What could retirement look like with $1 million? We’re going to show you four different couples. One couple, which we referred to as the average couple, with a 60/40 portfolio, claiming Social Security at 62, would be able to spend $3.5 million over a lifetime.

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Monthly Economic Updates

Join Dean Barber as he discusses the latest economic activity, market movements, and more.

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20 Things to Do Before You Retire in the 2020s

It might feel like we’re a long ways away from 2030, but whether you’re busy as can be or loving life, time truly can fly. If you’re planning to retire this decade, it’s understandable to be excited about the possibility of stress-free times ahead. However, retirement isn’t always fun and games if you don’t properly plan for it. Here are 20 things to do before you retire in the 2020s.

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7 Retirement Strategies to Retire Successfully

This list of strategies will hopefully give you a great place to start if you’re getting ready to retire or just curious about preparing for retirement. Our goal is to provide you with simple yet effective retirement strategies that do not only focus on investment tactics or savings percentages. Instead, we hope to give you a toolbox of strategies for retirement with which you can combine to build the retirement of your dreams.

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Taxes on Retirement Income

When you leave your job and enter retirement, your tax situation can drastically change. We’re often asked by clients, “How will my retirement income be taxed?” The short answer: it depends. Let’s take a closer look at some of the typical income sources in retirement and learn more about how that income could be taxed.

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10 Ways to Fight Inflation in Retirement

We have all been feeling inflation’s impact at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and so many other places. There’s no question that inflation has made its presence known, especially among retirees. It’s important to us that you to continue to live your one best financial life despite these inflationary issues, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to fight inflation.

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Podcast & Radio Show

The Guided Retirement Show

The Guided Retirement Show is our podcast focused on all things retirement. Dean Barber interviews subject matter experts on retirement-related topics.

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America’s Wealth Management Show

Dean Barber and Bud Kasper come to you weekly to discuss what’s going on in the market and economy to help educate those preparing for retirement or already retired.

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