Lead Advisor
Josh Diekmann

Experience: Entered the Finance Industry in 2018

Education: B.S.B.A from the University of Central Missouri

While Josh enjoyed his previous career in marketing and PR with the Kansas City Royals and AMC Theaters, Josh realized he was missing the fulfillment of directly working with people and helping them. That’s what drove him to Modern Wealth. It’s Josh’s goal to enhance and support client relationships through financial planning and develop new relationships with prospective clients.

Josh has seen countless occasions where people are hesitant to even list some of their own goals and dreams because of the financial constraints they think may be in the way. He loves planning for and knocking down those hurdles so clients can enjoy the things in life they’ve spent most of their working life saving up for.

Josh and his wife were born and raised in Kansas City and attended UCM. They have three beautiful daughters who seem to be involved in everything from soccer and softball to horseback riding and jiu-jitsu.

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