Introducing Your Encore

By Bruce Godke

February 21, 2024

Introducing Your Encore

Key Points – Introducing Your Encore

  • Building a Sense of Confidence in Retirement
  • Every Day is a Saturday in Retirement, But What Are You Going to Do?
  • Do You Feel Like You’re Stuck in “Retirement Hell?”
  • This is Your Encore!
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Finding Financial Independence

At Modern Wealth Management, our financial advisors are committed to helping people achieve financial independence. We’re passionate about giving people confidence that they’re doing the right things with their money and have the assurance that they won’t run out of money before they run out of life.

Having a sound financial plan is essential. However, while many retirees find that they are fiscally fine, they are leading unfulfilled lives.

What Is “Your Encore?”

That is why we’re proud to announce “Your Encore.” We want to help our clients that are struggling climb out of whatever retirement rut they find themselves stuck in by offering a series of newsletters, podcasts, and workshops. Each of these are going to be geared toward helping retirees find their inner joy and contentment.

Mike Drak, author of Longevity Lifestyle by Design,2 writes that most retirees approach retirement with some apprehension, but quickly become euphoric in the beginning. They initially find retirement to be novel, fun, and exciting. They enjoy not having to get up early for work, not having to commute, and are glad to no longer have stressful days at the office.

Every day is a Saturday in retirement! Early on in retirement, retirees can sleep in, visit places that they dreamed about, and do as many leisure activities as they like. They can spend lots of time with their friends, neighbors, or grandkids.

Getting Out of “Retirement Hell”

However, research shows that at some point, some retirees will start to feel anxious.3 They realize that they can’t stay in vacation mode forever. They feel a gnawing sense that they should be doing something more meaningful, interesting, and challenging. If they haven’t already determined what that something else is in advance, this is when the slide down into “retirement hell” begins.

They feel lost and vulnerable. They no longer feel as passionate about the hobbies and activities that used to bring them joy. Hobbies that they dreamed of having more time for (golf, fishing, woodworking, etc.) begin to feel like a chore. Many people in this state report trouble sleeping at night. They frequently and unnecessarily worry about their finances. This anxiety can create brain fog, which causes sleep disorders and makes little decisions seem overwhelming.4

Making the Most of Your Encore!

Our team at Modern Wealth Management wants to help you avoid this trap completely or recover from it quickly if you’re struggling in retirement. This is YOUR ENCORE! Please be on the lookout for future blog posts that are designed to equip you with valuable tips to make your retirement the best it can be!

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