Social Security Decisions Guide

There Are Several Difficult Questions About Claiming Social Security
Let Us Help You Make the Right Decisions

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How Much Will I Receive from Social Security?


How Do I File for Benefits?


When Should I Start My Benefits?


How Will My Benefits Be Taxed?


What If I’m Still Working?

Understanding What’s Best for YOU

The Social Security claiming strategies that your siblings, friends, or neighbors use might work well for them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work well for YOU. Determine all the Social Security claiming questions that pertain to YOU to make the right decisions.

Your Personal Social Security Checklist

If you’ve made your own list of Social Security questions, that’s great! We have 25 checklist items we’ve drafted as well to help you hone in on your Social Security decisions, including:

  • Not relying solely on a “break-even” analysis when considering when to claim Social Security.
  • Considering life expectancy before determining how to claim Social Security.
  • Addressing income and estate tax issues if someone else is named a decision-maker

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