Nic Barber

Client Service Specialist

Lenexa, KS

Department: Client Service

Nic’s job duties range from completing the morning alerts every day to working on client paperwork for Required Minimum Distributions, Roth conversions and model changes, to assisting with servicing the annuity accounts. He really enjoys the small business and family atmosphere that Modern Wealth provides for its staff and clients. It’s rewarding for Nic to help people in a way that helps them feel more secure about their future.

Working at Modern Wealth has shown Nic that it is possible to work hard, do a good job, and have a great work-life balance. He enjoys spending time with loved ones and family, collecting records, cassettes, and movies, going to concerts, bowling, surfing, and working on cars. Nic is an avid heavy metal fan and will take almost any opportunity to see live music.

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