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Introducing Wishlife: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

By Modern Wealth Management

August 4, 2020

Introducing Wishlife: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Connecting Generations

How important is human connection? Due to the pandemic, interaction with friends and family has been limited to those who you reside with for the most part. Therefore, loneliness is rising and according to research, not having much human interaction can be more damaging to your health than smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity.(1) While technology has allowed us to keep some level of connection to those we love, there are times in most people’s lives that they wish they could connect to those loved ones who have passed away.

We’ve all heard someone make comments like:

“I wish I could have one more day with my father.”

“I wish my grandmother were here to ask this question. She would know the answer.”

“I wish heaven had visiting hours.”

“I wish mom had written that down before she died.”

What if You Could Visit Those You’ve Lost?

Approximately 150,000 people die every day worldwide.(2) Grandparents, friends, siblings, children, and parents. We’ve all lost someone special. Do you ever long to spend just one more day with them? Just one more day to hear those stories about walking to school, uphill both ways, in the snow and rain? Do you ever yearn to remember those details about a grandparent’s struggle to attend college and all of the scrimping and pinching pennies in order to pay for it? What made them laugh? What made them cry?

We all try to plan for the future. Our future retirement, our children’s future college tuition, our future travels, our future healthcare bills, and our future unexpected expenses. But what often gets left out during all of that planning is creating a living legacy portal for your children and grandchildren, along with the future generations to come. That’s why Modern Wealth Management is now offering Wishlife, an organized online platform that allows you to create a family legacy for your family and the future generations to come.

What is Wishlife?

Wishlife is an easily accessible family library you can use to store photos, videos, and important documents. All of these things come together to build a lasting legacy in one secure location. Want to make sure that your grandchildren and their children and grandchildren know how you and your spouse met? Upload a video of you and your better half discussing how the first date occurred and what each person’s first impression was before falling in love. Transfer pictures of births, holidays, and those special memories to your secure online family portal to help ensure those pictures are not ever lost or accidentally destroyed. Not sure how to record a video? No problem! Wishlife has different packages that include a professional videographer to record, edit, and upload to your family library.

Have important documents such as copies of trusts and wills? Upload to your family library, grant access only to those members that need it, and when the time comes, those people left behind have easy access to those legal documents regardless of where they are located. All documents, videos, pictures, and any content uploaded to your private website are safeguarded as well as backups of your files.

Learn More About Wishlife

Family history is so important to those who love you and once someone passes those stories, adventures, and life lessons often get lost forever. Keep those memories safe and secure for your family for generation after generation.

For more information on Wishlife, click below.

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