Interview with Dr. Laura Lile, M.D., R.PH.

By Dean Barber

July 17, 2020

Interview with Dr. Laura Lile, M.D., R.PH.

What if there was a way that you could prevent COVID-19? Join me and Bud Kasper as we interview special guest Dr. Laura Lile, M.D., R.PH. about how you can boost your immune system to potentially reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19. Watch or read the interview below and be sure to share this with your friends.

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Dean: We have an exciting guest today, Dr. Laura Lile of Lile Wellness Partners. Dr. Laura, welcome, it’s great to have you here!

Dr. Laura: Thanks, Dean. I’m excited. Thanks, Bud.

Dean: All right. So I want to do an introduction here. I initially met you about eight years ago at the age of 47. A buddy of mine and I were talking, and we said, “You know, we’re doing pretty well, making good money, and making a good living, but what good is that if you don’t have good health?” So, I was introduced to you as a preventative medicine doctor. I want you to explain a little bit about what you do, but I will say this at the age of 55, I’m in better shape than I was when I was 30. I feel better. I’ve got more energy. And you know, just all around have a better life. 

A lot of that is thanks to the regimen you’ve had me on over the past eight years. So, talk about what you do and how you do it, give us a little bit of your background.

Dr. Laura: Sure. First of all, it takes the dedicated patient who listens, so thank you for being one of those great patients. You’re always trying to work on improving your health. You know, I have always believed in offensive medicine, not defensive. I prefer to help patients, and I partner with patients to help with their longevity and prevent health conditions. So much like, you guys like to look at the stock market and look at numbers. I consider myself a bit of an analysis person because I like to look at the spreadsheets on patients bloodwork. 

I like to partner with patients and show them how we can optimize their health. Remember, most of the time, when you go to the doctor, you’re getting the fifth to the 95th percentile and told you’re normal. I don’t know about you guys, but I would much rather have A’s and honors courses when it comes to my health. So I know Dean, we’ve talked over the years about how you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health, it doesn’t matter. 

I mean, I work with many very wealthy affluent individuals who, if they didn’t have good health, they would give it all away just to have it. So, being proactive in this healthcare climate is critical. That’s part of the premise of what we’re doing in our practice, and it has had tremendous benefits. We’ve been in over 40 states. We have offices in four states and our headquarters, and our global Training Center is in Alpharetta or Atlanta, Georgia. So it’s just exciting to be able to be partnering with patients like you.

Dean: As far as other people listening thinking, “Wow, I like that idea. I would love to have that concierge-type physician, someone that’s looking at things preventatively.” I’ve only actually got to sit down face to face with you one time in the eight years, and we do all of our other meetings are virtual or phone calls. So talk about how that works a little bit.

Dr. Laura: Absolutely. You know, back in 2005, I had the idea when I was asked to come to Atlanta and open an office and had younger children. I didn’t feel comfortable being back and forth every week, and it just made sense to me that I should be able to do my work over the phone and so I started doing telemedicine. Which it’s now rampant in this country because of COVID-19. It’s all over suddenly and very normal to do it. We’ve been doing that for at least 15 or 20 years and with incredible success. 

One thing I’ve always said I was going to write a book called How to Diagnose Over the Phone. By listening to your patient, looking at the blood work consistently and methodically, asking the right questions, and ordering the proper tests, we’ve been able to diagnose early stages of cancers and health conditions and tumors that are being missed by physical exams. So I’m not diminishing physical exam, but I do feel that having the details covered and somebody’s working, it doesn’t always have to be hands-on.

Dean: Okay, let’s, let’s jump forward here, and let’s talk about COVID-19. I want you first to spend just a few seconds here talking about what you’re doing with COVID-19 in the Vatican.

Dr. Laura: Absolutely! I had the privilege of being invited to the Vatican and had a private audience with Pope Francis in November. And part of my mission was to work on the wellness platform of global health. And in February, actually, Pope Francis announced that he was working on resetting global health with a wellness platform that I’m so excited we’re working collaboratively to get this a more natural approach. 

When COVID-19 hit, it was a time when we realized that we needed to reset healthcare. It’s broken, and it’s broken here in the United States, it’s broken in other countries, and we need to look at it in a different approach. So with my work with the Vatican, I was just there a few weeks ago, and working with the COVID-19 Commission. I’m very excited about what’s happening on that committee.

One thing I’m very excited about is that one of the division’s focus on hope after COVID-19. I don’t hear the word hope very much these days. I hear a lot of fear, and so I believe that we need to have that hope.

Dean: No, there’s no question about it. And I have to tell you a quick story. Back when COVID-19 hit, you contacted me, and I’m sure you contacted all your other patients and said, “Okay, there are things that your body needs to be doing to help prevent you from getting COVID-19.” And so you instructed my wife and me to start taking a natural supplement. 

Interestingly enough, we were both exposed to someone with COVID-19. And actually, with that person was in our home for a week, and neither one of us contracted COVID-19. And we were in very close quarters, we weren’t social distancing, because we didn’t know this person had contracted the virus.

Dr. Laura: Absolutely. You know, I think we’ve all heard enough, and we all know what we need to do when it comes to social distancing and wearing masks, but what many people don’t know is what they should be doing for their own body. We talked a little bit earlier, Dean, about how you take care of your body and you’re taking supplements, and we’re tracking that. You’ve been preparing for this war, literally for eight years. You have been getting your body fine-tuned for if there was ever an insult.

The world needs to get prepared; they need their bodies to be fighting this virus. We have to face the fact that an ideal treatment has to be safe, number one. This is the issue we see right now where you know that we’re taking medications off the shelf and repurposing them because it can be a little faster to get something to market like the hydroxychloroquine. However, unfortunately, there are side effects, and they can’t be tolerated in the masses. 

We need something effective, and that’s going to shorten duration if you are sick or help prevent it in the first place. We need something widely available and something that can have no barriers to entry. Something that all walks of life can take. 

Dean: And something that’s not super expensive either!

Dr. Laura: That’s my point. Global health has to embrace something affordable and easy to take. Also, something that doesn’t have drug interactions. And as a pharmacist, I’ve been pharmacist 35 years. I don’t get to say that very often. And so that’s one of the reasons. This specific formulation that I discovered in March was the immune formulation 200 and I started reading the science of this brilliant Harvard medical doctor and chemist, Dr. Albert Crum. 

I have to tell you, his life’s work focuses specifically on our immune system with a master antioxidant, glutathione. I don’t feel that glutathione is a new term, in the medical community, we’ve been working with glutathione ion for decades. In my lab, we’ve tried to try and work out how to get it into the body more easily. But we’ve always known that when we give whole molecule glutathione, for example, in an IV or a topical cream, or it can’t be taken orally. 

So if the problem is it’s just like when you give someone steroids. If I gave you prednisone, Dean, and I gave it to you for an injury, if you stop it abruptly, your body stops making steroids. I think that’s a pretty well-known fact. The problem with glutathione is it is an incredible master antioxidant that can do so many things for your body. But if I give it to you continuously, it’s going to shut your own body’s ability to make glutathione. So, what this inventor did was he went back, and he said, “Why is it that natural selection 3.5 billion years ago, cyanobacteria had this very glutathione in it?” Think about that. The best human clinical trial is natural selection; our body only continues what’s most important again to keep us alive. 

And glutathione, to this day, is in every cell; plant and animal. So, he went back and figured out, “I can’t give glutathione, but I want the body to make its own glutathione; intracellular glutathione.” And this is what he’s invented. He was able to figure out how to get the three amino acids, which are the precursors that make-up glutathione into the cell more quickly. Then put a little sparkplug in there, selenium, which is required for that cellular mechanism. The amazing thing is your body makes the glutathione if you need it, but it doesn’t make it if you don’t need it, because let’s face it, how do we know if we need glutathione? 

Dean: And nobody knows, right? Because it identifies the viruses that come into the body, right? So that’s what this ProImmune 200 is designed to do is to help your body make its own glutathione. So that’s what helps fight off any virus. It’s not just Coronavirus, but it’s anything. So, we have all the information that you want right here on ProImmune200 and Dr. Laura Lile’s wellness programs. Bud, do you have anything on your mind you want to ask Dr. Lile?

Bud: Well, I think it’s apparent that people are almost beside themselves with concern about contacting COVID-19. And if that’s the case, I think it’s great to be able to have a natural supplement that you might take to make sure my body is as good as it can be to ward off this disease. I think that becomes a natural solution that most people can embrace. Because let’s face it, we all know that the vaccine, and we just heard last week, that Moderna is getting closer to a vaccine.

However, we don’t know the efficacy of that at this particular point, and we don’t know if it’s available to the public at large, probably won’t be for another six to maybe 12 months. Who knows? But this is something that people can do today. And I think we all like to be proactive with our investments; we need to be proactive with our health and, and Dr. Laura, I think you’ve got an answer for us.

Dr. Laura:  Thanks, you hit the nail on the head with the vaccines. The other piece is, viruses are shapeshifters; they are not static. So here we are putting all of our energy into developing a vaccine for this specific virus, but the reality is, it’s going to have different versions six years or a year from now. We know that with many of these viruses. So, with glutathione, having your own body’s levels be optimized, it’s your shapeshifter. It can adapt to different viruses. So empowering your body empowers your health and wellness and helps you during this challenging time. 

Dean: And so you’ve been taking the ProImmune 200 since you discovered it in March, right.

Dr. Laura: I have faithfully, every day, and everyone around me has as well. 

Dean: So, has anyone that you know who has been taking ProImmune 200 regularly, have they contracted COVID-19?

Dr. Laura: No. And we have 800 people taking the immune formulation that we’ve tracked. If you’re taking it twice a day, two little scoops of this powder a day, we’ve not had one case. However, we have had two cases occur in patients that were taking it, and this is interesting, intermittently. So one of the individuals was actually working as a medical doctor in a covert unit and was only using it every three to four days, Not as often as they should be. As soon as they contracted COVID-19, they started taking it three times a day, and within 48 hours, symptoms were completely gone. 

So the key is, remember, this is an antioxidant, it’s an improving your immune response. However, secondarily, it does have antiviral properties because it can correlate nickel, zinc, and iron, which is what’s feeding COVID-19. If we get significant exposure to this viral and a big viral load, we need our body to drop that viral load, so we don’t get as sick. It’s critical. So we can empower ourselves now, which is good. 

Dean: I think one of the cool things here is that the price tag on this natural supplement is extremely low, $65 or $63 for what does that get you a month or two months supply?

Dr. Laura: Two months supply if someone’s using it once a day, and if you’re staying at home and not getting exposed once a day is fine. I recommend it twice a day. I’ve been to New York City and Rome in the last three weeks. Do you think One minute if I didn’t have 100% confidence in this product that I would be hitting in those hotbeds? No way! So, twice a day makes sense for going out and about because the price point is so inexpensive. 

Dean: All right. Dr. Laura, thank you so much! Dr. Laura Lile of Lile Wellness Partners. All the information is available on her website. So Dr. Laura, I’m going to ask you to come on to my podcast, The Guided Retirement Show, because I want to go in more depth and spend more time talking about this, and I’d love to have you on.

Dr. Laura: I’d love to do that Dean! Thanks for having me and getting the word out, and thanks, Bud. I mean, this is a grassroots movement. To get the word out to everyone. You don’t have to live in fear.

Dean: Thanks, Dr. Laura. Everyone, please, share this with your friends. And for more videos, articles, and content sign-up for our weekly newsletter below. Each Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM Central we send out our latest newsletter to keep you connected. Sign up today!

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